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Plans for the Future: UCSB Long Range Building Plans, 1944-1990

As UCSB grew from a small liberal arts college into a large Research One University, the plans for the campus buildings grew accordingly. This exhibition...

Leah Stokes

"Climate Change in our Backyard: Impacts, Policy and Politics" In conjunction with UCSB Reads 2020 UCSB Library presents a talk by Leah Stokes, Assistant...

1/28 4pm
Eunice Foote to UCSB: A Story of Women, Science, and Climate Change

Foote’s insights serve as a cornerstone of understanding the greenhouse effect, and her feminist activism created the momentum for changes in the civil,...

2/1 8am
UCSB Reads 2020 - Zine Workshop

Join the UCSB Library for a free zine workshop, no experience necessary! Zines (pronounced “zeens”) are self-published, DIY collections of photos and text...

2/4 5pm
William Faulkner: Exposing the Creative Secrets of an Author’s Archive

This year, the UCSB library acquired the complete 44-volume facsimile edition of William Faulkner’s most important manuscripts to be housed in the UCSB...

2/12 3pm

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