McCune Conference Room

The McCune Conference Room, located at 6020 HSSB, is supported by the IHC‰Ûªs Sara Miller McCune and George D. McCune Endowment.åÊ The room seats a maximum of 100 people, and is set up theater-style. (Click to view photos)

Reservations: Reservations for the rooms can be made by filling out this form. Suitability of a particular event for the IHC Conference Rooms shall be determined by the IHC Director. For non-IHC-affiliated events, room reservations are accepted 30 days prior to the beginning of instruction in the academic quarter for which they are being requested.


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From Dreams to Deportation: The Resistance Strategies of Tunisian Post-Uprising Irregular Migrants in Southern Italy, Rayed Khedher, Ph.D.

Based on data collected over fourteen months of ethnographic fieldwork, Dr. Rayed Khedher documents what happened to the Tunisian irregular migrants who fled...

5/23 5pm

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