Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning

Center for Innovative Teaching, Research, and Learning

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CITRAL is a research hub that facilitates projects that promote and support inclusive teaching and learning. We collaborate with faculty, TAs, and students to systematically study and develop programs and interventions across campus. Our primary areas of focus are improving learning in large classes, teaching and learning in a minority-serving institution, fostering information and data literacy, teaching effective communication, and undertaking community-informed assessment. 

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Learning Knowledge: Backward Design and Transparent Teaching

Facilitator: Elina Salminen Thinking about learning can be transformative for instructors and learners. In this workshop, we’ll focus on two powerful...

2/11 1pm
Empathetic Knowledge: Connecting with Students During Office Hours and Beyond

Facilitator: Maggie Safronova In this session we will discuss how students’ identities, experiences, and interests inform their learning and how an...

2/25 1pm
Talk Matters: Investigating the Nature of Non-Content Classroom Language - Instructor Talk - That May Mediate Student Inclusion, Engagement, and Learning with Dr. Kimberly Tanner

Through the language they use, instructors create classroom environments that have the potential to impact learning by affecting student motivation,...

4/3 9:30am
Order Matters: Becoming Metacognitive About Teaching Choices and Aligning Teaching with How the Brain Learns with Dr. Kimberly Tanner

What teaching choices are we making as instructors, and why? How do we as instructors decide how to spend in-class time with students? To what extent do our...

4/3 2pm

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