Class Inequality on College Campuses - Poverty Action Week

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Each year, students working with the UCSB Blum Center for Global Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development select a pressing issue related to poverty and inequality to highlight during our annual Poverty Action Week. This year, the UCSB Blum Center will be examining Class Inequality on College Campuses through a variety of events from May 20th-May 22nd, 2019.

How do class differences on campus affect our understanding of college as a vehicle for social mobility for all? Who is being left behind and why?

Come learn more about these issues, and discuss avenues for change during the following events:

  • 1) Pop-Up Discussion on the promise/pitfalls of free higher education as a means to address class inequality on campus, with Professor Chris Newfield (May 20th @ 5PM in HSSB 4041);
  • 2) First Generation and/or Low-Income Student, Faculty, and Alumni Panel on how class inequalities affect the college experience, and what to do about them from the experiences of those who have lived through these issues (May 21st @ 7PM in HSSB 6020); and
  • 3) Student-Led Change Panel featuring a number of student organizations on campus to examine strategies for advocating and making change for first generation, low income students, moderated by a community organizer who has been working with communities across the US for nearly 20 years (May 22nd @ 5PM in SSMS 3145).

We’ll also be tabling at the Arbor on May 20th from 1-4PM. Drop by and learn about class inequality on campus, share your experiences, and what we can do about it!

Please RSVP with any of these events with the Blum Center Academic Coordinator, Joanne Nowak (

Various locations, check out the event description or poster for details!