40 Years a Prisoner

Tuesday, May 4 at 4:00pm to 5:00pm

40 Years A Prisoner (2020) chronicles the controversial 1978 Philadelphia police raid on the radical back-to-nature group MOVE and a son’s decades-long fight to free his parents from prison in the aftermath. Directed by Tommy Oliver (1982), the film illuminates the story of a city grappling with racial tension and police brutality with alarming modern-day relevance. In addition to examining that fateful day through eyewitness interviews and archival footage, the film follows Mike Africa, Jr., the son of two MOVE members imprisoned for the death of a police officer, in his lifelong quest to secure release for the parents he has only ever known through prison walls.

The Carsey-Wolf Center and the UCSB Library’s UCSB Reads program are proud to present a conversation between documentary subject Mike Africa, Jr. and moderator Diane Fujino (Asian American Studies, UCSB) about the making of this powerful film.

Please note that this event will not include a screening.  40 Years A Prisoner is available for streaming on HBOMax.