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Borders: Char … The No-Man’s Island

The 2012 documentary Char…The No-Man’s Island (Moddhikhane Char) tells the story of Rubel, a fourteen-year-old boy who lives with his family on the fragile...

4/15 7pm
CWC Virtual: Frozen Obsession

Though climate change is a fundamentally global phenomenon, nowhere are its effects more pronounced and observable than in the world’s polar regions. The...

4/22 7pm
CWC Virtual: The Babushkas of Chernobyl

In recognition of the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, the Carsey-Wolf Center is proud to partner with the interdisciplinary conference “Fallout:...

4/29 4pm
Borders: Forensic Oceanography and the Aesthetics of Borders

Forensic Oceanography, co-founded in 2011 by Charles Heller and Lorenzo Pezzani, is a collaborative project that critically investigates the militarized...

4/30 12pm
40 Years a Prisoner

40 Years A Prisoner (2020) chronicles the controversial 1978 Philadelphia police raid on the radical back-to-nature group MOVE and a son’s decades-long fight...

5/4 4pm

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