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Thursday, April 15

Land of milk and "honey"


Zoom Link: Speaker: Katie Hinde, PhD, Arizona State University Leveraging insights gained from the Survey of Field...

CITRAL Workshops "Under...


RSVP Here to receive the Zoom link. Sometimes, students react in surprising ways to material that they encounter in our courses. They might experience...

Selena: La Cincuentañera


This week would mark the late Mexican-American singer, Selena Quintanilla's 50th birthday. The Chicano Studies Institute (CSI) is hosting a discussion...

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Ranky Tanky


FREE for UCSB students (registration required) Running time: approx. 60 min. Ticket holders will be able to replay this event for one week. (Note: tickets...

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Borders: Char … The No-Man’s Island


The 2012 documentary Char…The No-Man’s Island (Moddhikhane Char) tells the story of Rubel, a fourteen-year-old boy who lives with his family on the fragile...

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Thursday, April 15